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USED PDU EX -ATS-16A-10N1 16Amp 230Volt Automatic Transfer

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Available in the condition grades shown below - please choose your preference.
  • A – Excellent
  • B – Very Good
  • C – Some Wear

USED PDU EX -ATS-16A-10N1 16Amp 230Volt Automatic Transfer

This used PDU provides total power monitoring through a meter, web, and SNMP, along with free PDUeX management software. It supports protocols such as TC/IP, SNMP, DHCP, and UDP, and also features event alert email traps and SNMP and email capabilities. The user-friendly management interface allows for effortless PDU control. With 10 IEC-C13 sockets and 2 input IEC 320 C20 inputs, this 16Amp 230Volt Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is a single-phase dual input system. In case one input (Input A) falls below 168 VAC while the other (Input B) remains valid, the output is automatically transferred to Input B. Once Input A is valid and rises above 178 VAC, the output is transferred back to it. This high-speed transfer rate ensures a seamless transition for sensitive equipment. The two sources do not need to be in phase, providing an effective redundancy solution that increases the availability of AC power


10 x IEC-C13 sockets, 2 x input IEC 320 C20  INPUT

In The Box

  • USED PDU EX -ATS-16A-10N1 16Amp 230Volt Automatic Transfer


Suffusion sells low-use equipment that has previously only been used on professional broadcast projects such as major sporting events. Because it has only been used for a short period of time on a specific event, the equipment is very often in like-new condition. Some equipment may have varying degrees of cosmetic damage.

To help you choose the best option to purchase, we use three different condition categories to classify our used equipment:

  • Grade A – Excellent Condition, in original box/bag with minimal sign of use.
  • Grade B – Very Good Condition, with only light cosmetic wear.  May not be in original box/bag.
  • Grade C – Some Wear. Noticeable signs of cosmetic damage. Not in original box/bag.

The condition grade relates to the cosmetic appearance of the product only. All our equipment is tested to check it is in full working order and is covered by our standard six-month warranty.

Our products are priced according to condition – so you may find that some products are available at more than one price because we have several units in different conditions of use.

USED PDU EX -ATS-16A-10N1 16Amp 230Volt Automatic Transfer

USED PDU EX -ATS-16A-10N1 16Amp 230Volt Automatic Transfer

£49.00  (exc VAT)
£0.00 (exc Vat) £58.80  (inc VAT) £0.00(inc Vat) ( / )
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