• Experience studio quality lighting with the Nanlite MixPad II 11C. Featuring adjustable color temperature from 2700 to 6500K with a green to magenta shift in hard light mode, you can also expect 360 degrees of hue control with 100 levels of color saturation adjustment, a CRI of 98, and a TLCI of 95.
  • From only 3.3 ft away, the MixPad II 11C offers a sizable 842 lux of 5600K balanced illumination, enhancing its hard light mode with an impressive brightness that rivals larger fixtures.
  • The MixPad II 11C provides three distinct LED light sources for optimal versatility. Utilize the multi-LED array for powerful hard light, the diffuse SMD LED panel for delicate soft light, and the tunable RGB array for vivid and imaginative effects with the press of a button.
  • At a mere .75lb and measuring only 1.4 inches wide, the MixPad II 11C has an ultra-compact design ideal for capturing audio on the go, video conferencing, or mounting on a camera.
  • MixPad II 11C is ideal for both studio and on-location shoots, featuring multiple power options: it comes with an AC adapter, and accepts Sony NP-F batteries (Not Included) and D-tap cables (Not Included).